What energy sources should we be using? Are we doing a good enough job exploring the best alternatives? How do we separate myth from fact? We ask these questions and more in our current documentary on energy usage.

Expected Release: Fall 2020

You Can't Take Them With You: Screening Release

Everyone who thinks that their decision to become an organ donor isn't being influenced by the government needs to watch this film. 

Available now for screenings. National release: November 2019.

Reef Assassin

Invasive lionfish have proliferated Gulf and Caribbean and Florida reefs. But do we have what it takes to stop them before they consume all the native fish? Meet activists desperately trying to convince government officials to adopt a meaningful population control program, along with people from Newfoundland, Canada who lived through a fishery collapse, who share stinging memories about life after a fishery collapse - and how it forever altered their economy and culture. 


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Tackling our culture's greatest challenges head-on, while unearthing the best practices to solve these dilemma's of our time.

Web Series

Opioids: A National Crisis


Criminal activity or public health crisis? The fate of millions rests in how we answer this question, but we're running out of time. 


The Readers


An underground, crime-fighting trio come up against a villain of the times, relying on ingenuity, savvy and charm to outsmart a brilliant madman.