Inspiring Action

Creativity meets Skill


Walt Disney said "We don't make movies to make money; we make money to make more movies." Filmmaking is our love, a blend of creativity and skill, and one of the most effective ways to convey an idea. We aim to inspire viewers to get out and act passionately for a cause that helps others. 

Digging Deep


When it comes to documentary filmmaking, Skyline Films doesn't stop investigating until every question is answered, every solution explored, every option examined. We seek out logical means to solve critical problems to save lives, save ecosystems, and leave a better world for our children. 

Our own Drummer


Because Skyline Films is independently owned and operated, we are resistant to outside pressure. That means we go after the truth even if it means speaking out against conventional wisdom or simply what's popular. After all, why make a movie if it doesn't inspire action.